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School will be held online through at least May 1st. Please check your school email or here for class information.

About Us

The InTech Mission

"To expand the base of talent entering college and pursuing STEM careers."

We support our mission through the following that guide our efforts and development:

  • Under-represented Outreach
  • Early College Programs
  • STEM-focused Programs

As such, all of our extra-curricular and curricular programs are geared towards reinforcing our mission. You can find more information about InTech's mission in the ICHS Charter.

Welcome to the InTech Difference

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Our Extracurriculars

We pride ourselves in a welcoming community - with lots of mission-related extracurricular activities that keep our students engaged.

FIRST/Vex Robotics

FIRST is a Robotics program that provides students with authentic engineering experiences. It also teaches students teamwork, problem solving, and gives them the ability to make their ideas come to life. While building a robot is the main goal, there are also media and business teams that teach students how to approach businesses for fundraising, plan and organize events, and design t-shirts, buttons posters and websites. In January, a video that describes the competition and all the tasks that the robot has to do is released. From that point, the students have six weeks to design, prototype, build and program a successful robot. We then go to the competition and compete against teams from all over the world.

More About Our Robotics Team

Science Fair

InTech conducts a local Intel Science Fair every year. Students select their own projects and complete their project outside of the classroom. Winners of the InTech Science Fair move on to the Ritchey Science Fair, held in Ogden, and are eligible for the Intel International Fair. College scholarships are available to students who successfully compete in the International Fair.

Students can choose to compete in either the science or the engineering section of the fair, depending upon their interests. Pick a topic that interests you, and find out where that curiosity can take you! Whether you are interested in ravioli, computer programming, or Brachiostochrome curves, the Science and Engineering Fair has something for you to discover.

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Technology Student Assocation

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology education courses, TSA’s membership includes over 250,000 middle and high school students in approximately 2,000 schools spanning 48 states. InTech's chapter of TSA meets on Wednesdays after school to work on projects and submissions for the various TSA competitions. Students can compete in categories such as animatronics, children's stories, music production, photography, architecture, engineering, fashion design, video production, coding, web services, video game design and more. State competitions are usually in March and national competitions are usually in June. InTech has sent students to the state competition every year with students moving on to nationals most years. Over the course of the year, students in TSA learn leadership, project management, time management, and other skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Model United Nations

Model UN is an organization for high school and college students intended to generate enthusiasm and participation in world events and issues. School teams are assigned countries by the tournament directors and each country has 6 - 8 different committees that address different topics that are currently being debated at the United Nations in New York. Students represent their assigned country as though they were the actual ambassadors of that country to the United Nations. They present their nation's position on the topics for each of their committees in a moderated debate format., and then work with other countries to pass resolutions and bills out of their committees.

InTech has consistently placed high in the tournaments that it has participated in over the past three years, including the Utah State MUN tournament, where numerous individual and team awards have been won. We had a top 5 placing last year at the state tournament.

Our Courses

Our engaging and STEM-focused courses provide a variety of options to excite students.


From CAD to 3D Printing, Design Process to Robotics, and Energy to Engines our Engineering Program gives students real-world skills right out of High School.

Digital Media

Exposing students to various digital medias, photography, videography, animation and more - InTech brings new digital life to the arts!


Interested in computers, networks, or even just wanted to know how it all works? Our CompTIA and Cisco Certifications make it possible to gain industry certifications in high school.


Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Biology are just some of the sciences at InTech! We are well known for our Science Fair participation and our students learn real skills and processes used in the industry.


Math principles are applicable in nearly every field - and InTech's plethora of math options keep our students engaged. We offer many advanced courses, in addition to utilizing technology to further learning.

Computer Science

Join one of the fastest growing industries, with job options not even yet known that are expected to be available by the time you graduate! Learn how to create your own programs in our Computer Science department.

Our Technology

As a STEM focused school - we utilize various technologies every day in our classes.

Our STEM programs already have a huge assortment of equipment available to them - but at InTech, we go one step further by providing a laptop to each student for their work.

Whether at school or at home, our students have the opportunity to use industry-standard software ranging from Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco and more! Join a new age of education at InTech!

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