• State Finalists
    State Finalists VEX Team 2993A (Shazbotz) brought home the
    Runner-up trophy from the 2015 State Championship.
  • Outreach Success
    Outreach Success ICHS college preparation helps students "overcome the
    obstacles posed by socioeconomic inequality."

         2014 Methodology     Beating Odds Ranking
  • #1 in Utah!
    #1 in Utah! "Successfully educating its student body
    across a range of performance indicators."

         2014 Rankings     Methodology
  • FIRST Robotics
    FIRST Robotics Team 2993 and their 2014 creation "DERF" made it to the
    Regional Qtr Finals and won the "Gracious Professionalism"
    award for a 3rd straight year.

    Aerial Assist (2014 Game) Megabots Website
  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode ICHS is among schools that "deserve high praise for
    providing an academically rigorous program...best
    preparing [students] for college."

         2014 Methodology     Daily Beast Rankings
  • State Champions!
    State Champions! 2014 State Champs: TSA Architecture
    2014 State Champs: TSA Photography
    2014 State Runner-up: Fashion Design
  • Rigorous
    Rigorous One of the "schools working hardest to challenge
    average students with...good preparation for
    both college and the workplace."

         2014 Methodology     Wash Post Rankings
  • Rocket Science
    Rocket Science 2015 Goal: Raw egg payload to exactly 800 feet and
    safely back in precisely 46-48 seconds.

    TARC Website
  • Report Card
    Report Card For the 2nd year in a row, ICHS was one of six Utah high schools
    to receive an "A" from Utah's school grading program.

    Public School Data Gateway DNews Top 20

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